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Desk accessories are guaranteed to be huge winners as promotional products in the workplace. With the essentials that come with work life, including but not limited to keyrings, pens, mugs, drinkware, eco-friendly bags, printed USB sticks, folders, lanyards, clocks, umbrellas and rucksacks; our products work on practicality, longevity and aesthetics. So the sheer amount we spend at our desks, during work or while committing to our table-bound hobbies means that the visual contacts on accessories that are atop of your desk reach an all-time high! Their functional nature only adds to their promotional effect, so stamp your corporate logo on these now and get started on your soon-to-be highly successful marketing campaign!

How often are you at your table, dwindling your thumbs, allowing your eyes to wonder in order to find something even slightly distracting when seeking a little break from the bright computer screen? With allbranded you’ll find branded products distractingly striking with their quality, your logo and aesthetics! So if you’ve determined who your target audience is, we carve out a path for you to reach them, gain their attention and keep their attention for the long haul!


It is about supplying what is demanded; and only items that are needed are demanded. Rarely do you see a desk that is completely cleared of items and you can easily introduce some personality to an otherwise arguably mundane working space. Whether you intend to make use of our more playful attractions or are looking for highly functional uses, you will find them all in our online store. In combination with these, we offer a range of colours for the vast selection of promotional desk products so by introducing colours and making the most of your promotional logo and the contrast these provide, you will be catching the eye of potentials with ease.

Become a common sight among many by branding products with your logo. With these promotional products you will be remembered for the long-term due to their daily usage.


  • Universal use
  • Large target audience
  • Excellent aesthetics
  • Differing functions of accessories
  • Colours and shapes to choose from
  • High visual contact in the work space]
  • Gift bag appropriate (combination with bags, pens, usb-sticks, folders etc)

    These products are universal; required and sought by younger age groups including school and college goers as well office workers. This means you open a way for a large target audience simply by supplying whatever belongs on the desk. This is simplified for you with allbranded so why not explore our range and see which promotional products speak to you and brand and most importantly your vision and we will implement these accordingly.

    At large events such as trade fairs, information stands and in your stores, you can quickly and comfortably give away small writing desk equipment such as logo printed stress balls , pens, mugs, drinkware, eco-friendly bags, usb-sticks, folders, clocks, umbrellas and coasters. This will not only give your company a reputation as a provider of high quality products and services but also as a company committed in treating its service users well, whether new or existing. Promotional giveaways transmit one of two messages in particular; the willingness to give as well as the understanding of the importance in investment. So invest in your promotional campaign and reap the benefits soon thereafter!


    Allbranded stocks a vast range of products, all of which are durable, quality products that look unique and appealing to the potential customer. Whether you are looking to purchase memo holders which you will update anytime more urgent appointments come up (multiple times a day!) or used as message holders between your co-workers; the promotion is optimised. We are also proud to put emphasis on the looks of our branded items, a trait particularly noticeable on our Vegas Decision Maker Dice for a little fun during lunch break, engraved with positive, motivational and inspiring inscriptions. For more promotional items check out our personalised mugs, eco-friendly bags, pens and keyrings and make sure your promotional message bags you attention for the long-term.

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