The question as to why vehicle accessories are a game changer is easily answered. The automobile industry is not even 150 years old, but counts as one of the most revolutionary inventions of the modern era. Many people spend hours upon hours on a weekly basis in their cars by driving to work, grocery shopping or to visit friends and family. This is the case even if you don't mention round trips and simple holidays to which one drives to. This means, the car is not just a universal tool for transportation but also holds potential for numerous other roles. Turn a car drive into a promotionally effective experience by using our promotional products.

Logo printed ice scrapers, car fresheners, bottle holders and much more with your logo and a special motto are available among our range. Be the constant companion on long, as well as short trips and be sure to gain attention and more variety, check out our branded keyrings, mugs, pens, usb-sticks, bags, and chargers. Many nowadays cannot imagine life without cars. In the UK, approximately 60 Million cars are licensed and allbranded enables you to create vehicle accessories according to your wishes that ensure your advertising success. Whether it is for an emergency toolkit or a tyre depth gauge, we print all accessories with your logo and make the most out of their promotional potential.


It’s impossible to accredit a single individual for the invention the automobile or even its mechanical theory. It is approximated that 100,000 patents were involved in leading us to the invention of cars that we see today. Cugnot is a French inventor who was born in Void-Vacon, Lorraine, France, 1725. He is credited with being one of the original inventors to utilise a device for converting the reciprocating motion of a steam piston into rotary motion by way of a ratchet arrangement. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot, a French military engineer who in 1769 built a steam-powered tricycle for hauling artillery. The vehicle's single front wheel performed both steering and driving functions, and it could travel at 2.25 miles per hour with four passengers aboard for about 15 minutes. Karl Friedrich Benz and Gottlieb Daimler combined an internal combustion engine with an integrated chassis, while Daimler's motorised carriage (invented with his collaborator, Wilhelm Maybach) was the world's first four-wheeled automobile and featured the first high-speech gasoline engine.


  • High visibility
  • Multi-functional
  • High user value
  • Range in colours and sizes
  • Longevity use
  • Durable and high quality
  • Safety features


According to the agency of labour, a daily driving time of 2.5 hours is considered to be the average. So it can be safely said that many British employees therefore spent a lot of time in cars and high visual contact for car accessories are a natural outcome from such deeply ingrained behaviours. Advertising companies have the opportunity to speak to their target audience in a moment of restricted mobility. Car refreshers for example attached to the rear-vision mirror are in the field of vision of the car driver throughout the entire journey.

Practical promotional products like ice scrapers or promotional clock discs additionally have a high chance to be placed in the car close at hand and be seen by the driver day in day out. Besides car fresheners in your preferred form and more than eight fragrances, you can find ice scrapers with integrated glove for especially cold days. We also have cup holders, license plate reinforce as well as car organisers in different forms that can be used as vehicle accessories. Every day 66% of the commuting working population drive by car and so it is up to you to make use of these needs and use car accessories as the potential promotional products that they are. So make use of the never dying automobile industry in order to make your company well known.


The range of printed car accessories in the allbranded online store is not only broad, but also offers you the possibility to create a unique promotional product. Almost all selections can be customised according to you and your company image by choosing different colours and implementing these in reference to your corporate brand. With your corporate logo you'll make sure to have a successful promotional campaign, as well as effective communication with your figurative mark, also made possible with our branded keyrings, mugs, pens, usb-sticks, bags, chargers.

Order a suitable promotional present in the allbranded online store now that completes the accessories of the vehicles of your employees, customers and business partners. Much like the vast amount of time we spend in our cars, the amount of time your promotional products could give way for long-term brand awareness is endless. Allbranded takes this in consideration when producing the perfect promotional items for your marketing camp and the mere frequency and long-term use of cars and therefore accessories guarantee advertising effects are optimised. The association made with your brand will be highly positive one; modern while simultaneously classic, safety conscious and therefore caring and most of all adapting to high user value.


Due to their universal use, there is no restriction as to how and where you can distribute these accessories. Whether it is trade fairs, exhibitions or large scale events; our range will always find a place. Why not distribute these as giveaways at auto repairs and car dealerships and find just how many people will be responsive to the advertising message and brand you are promoting?