Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, some of our products might take longer to arrive.

Thank you for your patience.

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Playing games makes you young again, the heart happy and provides improved sociability. They are beneficial for both children and adults, and can help develop a wider sense of imagination, problem solving skills and also helps us to bond with others. What company doesn't want to be associated with these attributes? With our service at allbranded you can customise all kinds of games fast and comfortable. In this extensive range we have playing cards, badminton, chess, checkers, and so much more! No matter what your marketing aims, there is sure to be a product here to suit it. All of the items featured here can also be personalised by having your corporate logo printed or engraved. Delight your customers and business partners and sweeten their everyday life with interesting game ideas. A promotional strategy that communicates with young and old people and make your company stand out. Discover our broad range of promotional games and order promotional products online today!


  • The fun and good times experienced with these games will be associated with your brand
  • High use, whenever boredom strikes clients will use these promotional items
  • Excellent for all target audiences
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and colour, to having your company artwork printed
  • Promotional travel & leisure products in general appeal to the target audiences interests and sense of adventure!


Whether alone, or with friends and family - games are a delight for heart and soul. More than just a way to entertain ourselves when we are bored, games can help to develop important functions that wills serve us well in all other areas of life. They distract us from everyday stress and can help to relax and unwind. Companies that are linked with these positive attributes stay in the memory of customers for a long time. If you want to make use of this effect, you can find a lot of games in our online store that you can use as giveaways to your customers - individually printed with your slogan or logo. These custom printed games would be perfect for a group to use on a business retreat for example! Plus you could hand them out alongside printed camping items so no matter what activity they are taking part in, they will be seeing your logo!


We have many styles of games available, from the more traditional chess sets, to juggling sets! There is a product to suit all players. Giving out a more unique giveaway such as juggling sets will help you to stand out from your competitors, who will be giving out promotional mugs and pens. We also have playing card sets, which come in a travel pouch to make them easy to store and also easy to transport. Our wooden games set comes with multiple games in one, including chess, checkers, dice, playing cards and dominoes. This would be the ideal set for clients with children, as it will keep them occupied for many hours! No matter what your marketing aim, there is sure to be a promotional product here to suit it.


We suggest our customizable dice games for fun board game parties with friends. With these, you will not only delight your customers or business partners, but also many more people at the same time. For a more sophisticated giveaway, we also have handcrafted cess games, or the gallant Merels game that comes in a premium leather pouch. Discover our great variety of promotional products! These games will appeal to all audiences, but will be particularly appreciated by younger demographics. These can be given out at events and exhibitions, they are sure to be well received by your clients!


There are many styles to choose from in this extensive range, that there is sure to be one that will suit your corporation. We can print these products with your chosen corporate design. This will ensure that people view your branding every time they play these games, causing them to associate fun and good times with your brand. Delight your customers with games by allbranded that sweeten their everyday life and keeps your company in the hearts of your target audience for a long time. We strongly recommend partnering your high quality games with promotional pillows, cushions & covers for an added marketing boost! Virtually guaranteeing that customers remember your business for little extra cost.

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