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Printed t-shirts are a promotional classic, and with good reason. The versatility of this product means it appeals to all audiences, widening your advertising reach. We offer T-shirts in various prices so there is something for everyone. We have running tops made with fast drying fabric, to quickly dry sweat as you exercise, smart button down shirts, scoop neck tees and much more. There are soft style shirts made from cotton, elastin, mesh and polyester, crafted to make the wearer comfortable and stylish. These shirts can also be customised by having your business artwork printed or embroidered. Anyone would be thankful to receive such useful promotional products such as these, and you can be sure they will be worn many times, creating countless brand impressions in that time.


  • A high use item, you can be sure your clients will wear these promotional garments often, and spread awareness of your business in the process
  • Popular, the t-shirt is a fashion classic enjoyed by all target groups
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and preferred colour, to having your corporate design printed or embroidered

    Since the seventies, T-shirts have become indispensable for everyone. Worn by everyone from children to celebrities, the t-shirt is a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. Performing artists and bands also rely heavily on t-shirt sales, to help promote themselves and help their fans feel closer to them, a lot of these band shirts can become valuable collector’s items the older they get and the harder they are to get a hold of. Is it surprising that T-Shirts are the most popular promotional clothing item in surveys? In fact, only the customisable pens are more popular with British target groups. To put an advertising print on T-shirts is worth it, because you can expect a lot of enthusiasm for customers, fans, employees or business partners.


    T-shirts can be used as a distribution Products at trade fairs, as well as a small advertising gifts for special events. They connect to all target groups and create enthusiasm for your business. In most cases T-shirt is regularly worn for over a year - similar to logo printed sportswear or promotional Polo Shirts, they are used daily. The person wearing your personalised t-shirt then becomes a representative of your brand, spreading your marketing message with very little effort and financial cost. This kind of advertising is significantly more authentic than any kind of paid TV commercial or printing, since the carrier themselves have chosen to wear your T-shirt. A single T-Shirt produces 1,763 Views of your logo - at a very low unit price, making it a cost effective and efficient way to promote your business.


    From tank tops for the Summertime, to short sleeved tees and vests, there is an astounding amount of choice available. We have personalised t-shirts with scoop necks as well as V-necks and crew necks, in block colours as well as patterns, fitted and loose styles, baseball styles shirts as well as athletic running tees. No matter what your marketing aim, there is sure to be a style to suit you. All of clothing here can be personalised by choosing from the many shade options available, and having your corporate design applied.


    On our website you will find a large number of different styles in varying shapes, colours and intended purposes. You can design your t-shirt to make it align perfectly with your company, from choosing the style and preferred shade, to having your design applied through printing or embroidery. The process of ordering these promotional t-shirts couldn’t be simpler, however if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give our friendly team a call.