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Personalised Tote Bags

Tote bags are a choice not just for the fashion conscious, but also by young and old all around the world. The versatility of this bag is astounding, they are convenient for their large size, able to carry many items, making them ideal for shopping trips. They are also able to withstand great weight without breaking due to its durable cotton and jute materials. The natural material and re-usable nature also make these promotional products eco-friendly, a growing concern for all ethical consumers. Share your promotional message with the world by choosing one of our many ways to customise, available in our web shop.

Promotional bags make fantastic marketing mediums because of their large surface area, giving your design more space and by extension, more of an impact! The versatility of these personalised bags make them high use items, allowing you to achieve even more brand awareness through your clients and customers. Start your advertising campaign now with the personalised shoppers.

Here at allbranded we are able to offer you a huge range of customisable bags and all for a low cost per unit! Take all the hassle and stress out of sourcing your branded merchandise and order it all from the comfort of your own home or office. We are able to offer low prices, quality products and even quick lead times (if you need bags fast, please browse our express printed bags category. Where you will find printed products that can be product and delivered to you within 1 week!


Tote bags are trendy and indispensable products which are often carried around inner cities, which are locations known for having masses of people in at all times. With an eye-catching design printed on the front of these shoppers, your promotional bags will not just influence the recipient, but will also gain the attention of all surrounding bystanders. The practicality that these bags offer makes them very appealing, they are large enough to carry a large amount of items such as laptops, school books, food items and much more. They can be folded down and taken on the go, convenient for any unplanned shopping trips. Its no surprise that the promotional tote bag has become one of the most popular and widely used publicising items. Interested?


  • A large surface area means more room for your business design, which will make a stronger impact on your clients and business partners
  • A fashionable choice, these shoppers are favoured by all target demographics and are high use items
  • The choice for ethical businesses, these eco-friendly bags are made from naturally sourced and sustainable cotton and jute
  • Often used in inner cities, your promotional bags will make plenty of brand impressions throughout the day


Promotional tote bags are ideal as gifts with purchase, or as part of gift bags. These gift bags can be eco-friendly themed, you could choose the Calcutta jute bag, made from hard-wearing and sustainable jute fibres, this comes in the classic shopper as well as a much bigger size. This can be filled with other environmentally friendly products from our website such as the A5 cock notepad, the solar powered flower, our bamboo pens and our 100% vegetarian sweets that come in compostable wrapping. The eco friendly promotional bags will be noticed when the recipient is on a shopping trip or a city stroll, you can generate never ending visual contacts and share (in an elegant and subtle way) your company logo. There are many opportunities when considering how to best include promotional shoppers in your marketing campaign. At the point of sale: in a supermarket, a book store or in a hotel. As an employee gift - filled with chocolates. For key customers as a limited, special edition product to increase brand loyalty. At fairs, events and other outlets tote bags are always popular.


We proudly stock high quality, fashionable bags at low prices. We produce these items in durable materials like cotton and lightweight, biodegradable jute, to ensure your clients and customers use your promotional bags for many years to come. You could choose a witty or funny slogan that matches the values and style of your business, or just have your logo printed largely in full colour. There are many sizes and styles to choose from, once you've chosen one that most suits your business, you can choose the base colour, the Carolina cotton tote, for example, comes in a massive thirteen different colours! Send us your business logo or slogan and we'll print it onto the front of these bags through screen printing or embroidery. The visual representation of your brand is important, if done poorly and without much thought customers will have a negative view of your company. Trust allbranded to display your marketing message with accuracy and skill. If you're unsure about where to begin or have any questions about the design process don't be afraid to give our friendly team a call. We'll be here to help you through the entire designing process.


We like to promote creativity, and that's why we give a lot of choice. There are dozens of styling and customising options available to you, to ensure your promotional bags really align with your company's aesthetic. In our online shop you can (in a few short steps) configure and design your promotional bags. Once you've chosen the style you want, in hard-wearing cotton or jute material, you can specify the desired colour and quantity. Then simply upload your artwork file. Done! You can now order your very own promotional tote bags - our sales team will gladly take care of the rest. If you want individual advice, simply send us a message or give us a call. The advertising experts at allbranded are happy to help you through the entire process.

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