Bags are a practical part of our every day lives, more than just a fashion accessory, they can also be a symbol of our commitment to the environment. Our hardwearing, reusable jute and cotton shoppers will show your customers how important sustainability is to your business. There is an astounding amount of choice in this category, from the shoppers and totes, to holdalls and duffle bags with drawstrings. There is bound to be a style to suit your promoting aims. All the promotional products featured here are high quality, ensuring your customers will be carrying these around for a long time, exposing your branding to the world. allbranded has a large range of functional and high quality bags in chic design for everyday use. The large surface area of these items means that your logo or slogan will be seen by many onlookers. Choose the promotional bags from our web shop and watch awareness of your company expand.

No matter what type of bag you are looking to customise, you will be able to find it here! To start with we have our superb quality printed paper bags with many personalisation options available. Choose matte or laminated, what colour handle and where you want your logo printed on the product. All right here on our website thanks to our advanced product configurator. Looking for something a little more durable? No problem! Browse our virtual shelves stocked full of premium and affordable promotional tote bags. Made to last and bring you logo impressions for months to come, these bags come in eco-friendly options so no matter who your target audience is, they will be happy recieving one.


  • High use, practical items – hardly anyone leaves the house without a bag
  • Fashionable
  • Large demographic, you’ll appeal to all audiences
  • Customisable – can be personalised by having your corporate design printed


While men in earlier times rather fixed their bag or sack on the trouser belt, women wore them under the clothing or clearly visible on the skirt hem. It took a long time from the practical bag that we know today to become a trendy and fashionable cult object - the handbag. These accessories are some of the most useful products around, and its because of their usefulness that they make such excellent promotional items. Bags are often seen as status symbols, they are an extension of our outfits and can be a way for us to express our personalities, like all accessories. They are a highly personal item where we store the important things we need day to day. And so it is not surprising that printed cotton bags, shopping bags and paper bags are often used as promotional products.


Worn on the shoulders of all the fashionable people in cities, the classic custom cotton shopper has become the must have fashionable accessory. Your business logo can make a real impact, printed onto the spacious area of these items. You are sure to catch the attention of many onlookers during your client’s day. The styles we stock come in a large array of bright and vivid colours, making it even more likely that your branding will be noticed. These could also be the basis of environmentally friendly gift bags, these could include other eco products from our range, such as pens and lanyards made from bamboo, cork notepads and organic sweets that are packaged in compostable wrapping. By giving out these promotional, sustainably sourced items, you will be aligning yourself with the values of the client, which will go a long way towards encouraging customer loyalty. Choose the eco, cotton bag as your customised tool of choice.


With the negativity that is now associated with plastic bags, eco-friendly alternatives how now become the norm. Cotton and jute bags in particular are seen as trendy among many culture groups. The pedestrian with the cotton bag promotes reusing, not wasting, and concern for conservation. With their high durability and their pronounced usefulness, fabric bags and nonwoven-bags are promotional items that will show the responsibility of your company. Printed bags can be used to carry many products, and can be used for the weekly shop at the supermarket, to take stationary to school or work, and an endless list of other uses. The benefit of this is that you can target all demographics, as the versatility of these bags really is limitless. Present yourself as a sustainable company by gifting ecological bags, printed with your logo. Order your personalised promotional bag online at allbranded and secure an advertising item that will bring you marketing success.


In our online shop you can find a great range of different bags on offer. We stock bags made from cotton, bamboo, jute, PP and much more. No matter what your campaign, there will be a style to suit it. Almost all of the styles are available in different colours, and can be printed on both sides with your advertising message and your logo. Browse online and easily order your customised bags today. If you are unsure of where to begin or need any help with the process, our experienced graphic designers are on hand to answer any queries you may have. To see even more of the great products on offer at allbranded, check out our printed bags and apparel range.