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Promotional pencils, printed with your logo or slogan, will successfully draw long lasting attention to your company. We have many varieties of pencil to choose from, some have erasers attached and others come in a metal exterior for a more premium look. Have a look through our web shop and find the right promotional products for you!

At allbranded, you can have pencils printed with your logo elegantly and professionally. Wow your customers, potential new clients, family and friends when you hand them these quality promotional products. With a wide range of customisation options available, you can use this merchandise to stand out from competitors and win over that important new business! The pencil is much like the cheap promotional ball pen in terms of effectiveness, brand impressions and price. You can get many units printed on a small budget so you will have even more to hand out at your next trade show, conference or event. As they are so often needed and shared, you will benefit from increased brand/logo impressions and even more potential clients seeing your contact details or logo.


Next to ballpoint pens, fountain pens and rollerballs, pencils are also very suitable promotional items for your company. This writing utensil with embed lead has a long developmental history. 5000 years ago, Egyptians used a prototype of the pencil made out of papyrus or bamboo and filled with lead. Nowadays pencils are used on many occasions and for a lot of different purposes. They are especially favoured for drawings and sketches, as well as taking notes because it can easily be removed with an eraser, unlike the more permanent nature of ink. Compared to other writing instruments, pencils are characterised by their very light weight.


Generally, pens are more popular choices for branded, promotional products. Since a very successful and famous furniture store started using short, branded pencils, their popularity within the promotional industry has risen dramatically. You can use printed pencils as personalised giveaways at your exhibition booth or as a promotional gift, distributed to young students at open days. Both on the go and at work, the branded pencil is a very popular utensil and can, similarly to the personalised ballpoint pens, achieve a long-lasting marketing effect. You can also provide personalised pencils to co-workers and business partners, this is especially good to do at meetings or events in the workplace.


Pencils as a writing instrument have several benefits. Beside the possibility to correct and remove written words with the help of an eraser, as well as choosing different lead widths for elaborate drawings; they are one of the best eco-friendly promotional products available. With pencils made according to your corporate design, you will show your company cares about the environment. Many pencils are coloured with water-based paint, which makes them non-hazardous to the environment and contain lead, which is also eco-friendly. This is why pencils are starting to become a popular promotional item within our eco-conscious range, which includes products such as cotton bags and organic foods.


We at allbranded want to offer you a large selection in every category of promotional items, in order for you to be able to choose the right item to complement your corporate design. In our printed pencil range you can find various different colours and styles, which can all be personalised according to your needs. You don’t necessarily need to choose the traditional wooden version! Our shop features mechanical pencils, metal pencils, wooden pencils with coloured lead and many that have erasers conveniently attached. We also offer promotional pencils as part of a set with different other versions of pens. The Stabilo pencils in our web shop feature a futuristic design, developed for both right-handed and left-handed users. At Prodir you can find the popular propelling pencils and with brands such as Waterman and Parker you can choose between elegant pencils made out of metal, which can be individually engraved and even possess a personalised calendar in an equally elegant design. It is clear that we have a huge selection of all writing instruments! Everything rom logo printed stylus pens to promotional highlighters and everything in between! So for your promotional pens & pencils, make sure that you are shopping with allbranded.


We have various processing options, such as printing or engraving to help create unique promotional pencils that will best represent your brand. With methods like these, even an everyday item like the pencil can look extraordinary and will draw attention towards your brand. Our friendly team are happy to help you with selecting your personalised pencils, so have a look through our web shop and order today!


  • Pencils are a high use item - your customers will experience brand exposure daily
  • Together, with our Printed bags and pens, these can make excellent stationary based gifts
  • Printed pencils are low cost and can easily spread awareness of your brand
  • Perfect for frequent note takers as markings can easily be erased with an eraser
  • Pencils are the most popular promoted item used in the UK
  • Mechanical, metal, wooden and coloured – many different types of pencil to choose from


We are one of the UK's leading promotional product suppliers! We have sourced, manufactured and delivered branded merchandise to some of the largest brands around for years now. We know this industry like the back of our hand and can walk you through every step of the process painlessly and in a stress free way. Why spend hours or even days searching for the cheapest deal which could result in sub par products a lot of stress on your end when you can order your promo merchandise comfortably from your own home or office!

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