Looking for eco friendly products? Search no more. Our Eco Friendly Section contains sustainable products made of recyclable materials such as bamboo, glass or cork. If you're wondering what type of promotional products you can find here, well, absolutely everything. From bags to caps, from lip balms to notebooks, we have it all.


On top of the obvious benefits for the planet and the environment, your company's image can benefit as well from gifting sustainable products. Your company will be viewed as one that is responsible with the environment and goes the extra mile for the well-being of its employees. What are you waiting for?

Table of Contents

  1. About Eco Friendly Products
  2. Promotional Eco Friendly Products
  3. Types of Eco Friendly Products
  4. Branding Our Products with Your Logo
  5. FAQs

About Eco Friendly Products

It is by now common knowledge that global warming is real and imminent unless we do better. The job of preserving the environment is up to each one of us, as well as that of different organisations throughout the world. If you would like to build a green brand and position your company as one that truly cares about the environment, you came to the right place.

In a time of growing environmental awareness, eco promotional products are particularly effective in advertising and get the attention of any audience. With the environmentally friendly variety from our online store, you’ll set yourself apart from your competitors through the positive associations. Our eco-friendly products can be the first step you take to help the planet and be seen as a company that cares.

Promotional Eco Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are a real crowd pleaser, regardless of your activity field or season, not only for their functionality, but because they are made from sustainable materials and are easily biodegradable. Small treats such as mugs, pens, notebooks or bags are gladly received at company events, giveaways or as company gifts and will help your brand stay top of mind all year round. According to your requirements, all these can be printed with your logo or company motto.

Additionally, more often than not, sustainable products are more durable and reliable than the classic ones, making them perfect for long-term every day use. Thus, your company gifts won't end up unused in a dusty corner.

Our recycled merchandise is not only produced sustainably, but they also support the interest of your customers. Our team of experienced experts will gladly advise you on choosing the right promotional products for your campaign. Order right now the perfect company gifts at unbeatable prices!

Types of Eco Friendly Products

We have a wise assortment of sustainable products for successful brands that want to be a little greener. Stay top of mind all year round with the following eco-friendly products:

  • Sustainable office stationery
  • Eco-friendly bags & backpacks
  • Kitchenware such as glasses, mugs or lunch boxes
  • Lanyards and keychains
  • And many more

Branded Eco Products Made of Bamboo

Sustainability is becoming the norm in the UK, regardless of whether we're talking about transportation methods, everyday essentials or promotional products. One type of material which is particularly resistant and gentle on the environment is bamboo. It is one of the materials that grow back the fastest and can reach up to 15 m in length. Bamboo is also a very efficient oxygen producer, which uses photosynthesis to convert CO2 into O2.

What's more this raw material saves large areas of forests from being deforested and can be grown quite easily. Its fibres are used to create high-quality, durable promotional products that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. What's not to like about it?

Branding Our Products with Your Logo

On top of offering such a wide assortment of eco-friendly goods, we can also help you customise these products with your logo, motto or business colours in order to keep your brand top of mind all year round. 

The good news is that the customisation process itself is quick, easy and convenient. All you have to do is choose all the right essentials from our online shop, pick the right colours and sizes, add your logo to the checkout and confirm the order.

We also advise you take advantage of the free print preview option on our website, that allows you to see a mock-up of the promotional product with your logo in just a few hours from the confirmation. Within 2 to 4 hours, you can see and inspect virtually the end result and avoid any returns.


Why are eco friendly products so popular?

Eco friendly products are popular due to their low-carbon footprint, sustainable aspect and positive impact on brand image.

What are the benefits of eco friendly products?

We believe these products will bring the following benefits:

  • Helps make the planet a greener place
  • Build brand awareness and a positive brand image
  • Shows social responsibility
  • Projects the image of a business that cares
  • Convenient and affordable company gifts
  • Long-term advertising

What are the most popular sustainable products?

Some of our best-sellers are the following:

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