More and more, fitness is becoming an important part of our every day lives. The wellness trend shows no signs of slowing down, take advantage of this trend by distributing promotional fitness products. There are many different ways to keep fit, with sports to suit every kind of person. This is why there is such a vast variety of products in this category. To offer sport related merchandise is to show you care for your customers wellbeing, which they will be thankful for! You can reach new customers and strengthen the bond with existing ones. All products in this category can be personalised by having your business logo printed on the front. Whether cheap giveaways or high quality promotional presents, these can be customised by printing, engraving or embroidery.


  • These will actively encourage your clients to stay fit, and show you care about their wellbeing
  • High use items, these will be used regularly, creating many brand impressions
  • Ideal for sporting companies, gyms, schools and for events
  • Many ways to customise, from choosing the style and colour, to having your logo printed


Fitness is of vital importance to our wellbeing, it give us energy, keeps us healthy and will allow us to live longer. All excellent reasons to engage in physical activity! It also serves to balance out the stresses from modern life by releasing endorphins in the brain, increasing our happiness. Fitness can also be a very rewarding hobby, which you'll be encouraging you giving out these promotional products. There are tool and gadgets in this category to suit all sporty types and marketing aims.


Sporty promotional products bring along a certain fun factor. They are actively and consciously used and generate most brand impressions. Especially for clubs, fitness studios and sports shops, it's advisable to use fitness and gym gear with your logo printed onto them. Our sporty promotional products can, for example, be used as a birthday present for employees, Easter or Christmas present for customers, as well as a small giveaway for contract closings. Score with advertising fitness and gym gear in order to easily reach your customers. The attention that you gain with fitness items reaches farther than your usual contact scope. Use wide-ranging advertisements for your brand from our fitness category! How about an example? You are a travel agency and are trying to get more people to take up your offer of trips to popular hiking destinations. You could use old school in your face advertising tactics such as posters, leaflets and online ads OR you could appeal to your target audience (hiking hobbyists) in a more personal way by handing out high quality promotional hiking, running and walking products.


Whether dumb bells, jump ropes or pedometers, our fitness products convince with diversity and individuality. As a present in a fitness kit or distributed individually, you'll reach your target audience with these useful products. There are clothes designed to dry sweat quickly, also we stock many styles of gym bag, with large carry handles to make them easy to transport. We also have a fitness kit, which contains everything someone would need to stay fit. There are also sports accessories such as drinking bottles. These can all be personalised by having your corporate logo printed on the front. With allbranded you'll choose an online store with a huge variety of sporty advertising mediums, that represent originality and individuality.

Need Your Merchandise Quick?

If you need your products for an event, campaign or just want the quick then you are in the right place! We have a express fitness promotional products range which means you can have your products at your day in as little as 4 days after your initial enquirt! Do not hesistate to order if you want your products fast or have a tight deadline that you need to meet.


Fitness promotional products will encourage your clients to stay fit and active. It might even lead them to take up a sports hobby that could stay with them for life. Our motto is: You name it we brand it! Which is why we recommend that you personalise these items by having your business artwork printed on the front. Contact our customer service for original and professional advice. We are not only a promotional product trader, but also your partner for creative advertising and marketing solutions!

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