Due to the Chinese New Year, the delivery for lanyards may be delayed ▷ Express lanyards will be delivered as per usual ▷ The Allbranded Team
Due to the Chinese New Year, the delivery for lanyards may be delayed ▷ Express lanyards will be delivered as per usual ▷ The Allbranded Team


A medical practice without giveaways such as pens or its own patches, is like a car without wheels, or marketing without promotion. allbranded equips your practice with numerous promotional healthcare items and makes it the favourite part of the day for your patients. Print your logo on first aid kits, waterproof containers and many other promotional products from our wide range and leave long lasting memories with a promotional gift. Gel pads for clubs or emergency kits for kindergartens and schools, bring by your sponsoring sustainable advertising effects. Simply select the right marketing tool for you and stay with your patients and their environment through positive memories.

Doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies increasingly rely on high-quality advertising products (such as our range of custom printed plasters or promotional dental care products) to bind patients or to develop new target groups. Practical patch boxes for the holidays, disinfecting sprays for hands or protective boxes for the toothbrush are individually printable with your brand and are a real eye-catching promotion. As a gift for employees handed out, sent as giveaways in the direct mail or distributed as merchandise to associations and school, they all leave positive memories and help you to reach your target groups and patients with high-quality products.


It took a century's worth of discussions on the provision to meet a long-recognised need. It appeared at a time of post-war reconstruction where disease became increasingly common. The NHS was first created in 1948 by health secretary Aneurin Bevan which provided free healthcare for all residing in the UK. By 1952, charges were introduced for prescription while mass vaccination programmes were introduced and has now become common place for regular vaccinations as well as boosters. In 1962, the modern forms of hospitals we see today came to be, implemented by health minister Enoch Powell. This meant every population of 125,000 was designated its own hospital - also later referred to as 'district general hospital'. In 1990 the NHS and Community Care Act was passed. The legislation introduced the NHS internal market where medical authorities were given their own budgets to buy care for local populations from hospitals.


Whether you are a general practitioner, house doctor, pharmacist or pharmaceutical company; allbranded enables you to choose from a wide range of innovative as well as suitable marketing mediums, including our personalised pens, pencils, keyrings, mugs and umbrellas. Whether plasters, practice accessories, protective lip balm, nourishing hand creams or disinfectant spray: all products in the shop of allbranded can be multi-colour printed to match your logo and address and making use of our high quality clear printing and range of customisation available.


  • High user value
  • Target-specific product
  • Compact and portable
  • Versatile
  • Original giveaways
  • Range of colours and sizes available
  • Excellent gifts for medical sector


Depending on your activity in the medical industry, you are dealing with completely different target groups, who might find a completely different promotional product to be attractive. As a dentist why not make use of our promotional toothbrushes and toothpaste as giveaway gifts post-treatment? With your address and your logo printed on, the giveaway serves as a modern business card, which additionally underlines your trustworthiness. As a pharmacist can your gift customers in the cold season of the year with a of handkerchiefs printed with your logo. Your customers will most certainly be appreciative and you can be sure that your gift will be applied. Use this opportunity to present yourself as a pharmacy of confidence and expand your customer base today with allbranded.

allbranded is your partner for first-class medical practice and promotional products. Whether gel pads, lip care or throat drops: All accessories can be ordered online quickly and easily and individualised according to your wishes. For more variety check out our highly-recommended range of personalised pens, keyrings and mugs! If you like our healthcare merchandise, why not explore our vast range of promotional sports, health and fitness products?