Personalised NOTEPADS

Note pad boxes are excellent promotional products because they are suitable for all businesses and target groups. One of the most frustrating moments in life is having an idea, and not being able write it down, this will never happen again with the promotional note pad box! For those that like to write things down and keep physical records, notes are an indispensable part of the work desk. In our selection of promotional note pad boxes we have styles that come on little wooden palettes, as well as stacks of note paper that come in plastic containers, with a gap down the front to make it easy for people to remove notes. Your business can customise on the front of these printed storage, and you also have the option to have them printed on each individual sheet of paper too. This will ensure that whoever your customer gives one of these notes to will be exposed to your company. These make brilliant personal thank you notes, and with your company logo printed on each sheet of paper, your customers and business partners will view your company as organised and thoughtful in even the smallest of details. Distribute personalised stationary and see how many potential new clients you create.


  • A practical gift, these will be well used and appreciated by all recipients
  • High use item, your customers will use these note papers daily which create many brand impressions
  • Great as part of stationary themed gift bags, which could contain pens, pencils, pen holders, USB drives and notebooks.


Office life can very quickly become chaotic if the desk is not keep clear and organised. Office supplies are an important part of keeping this level of organisation, and note pads can help users to record quick notes and keep them handy within their own containers. Office supplies are always great as promotional products because they are practical and help to achieve order. There is something about writing down thoughts that helps you to remember them much better than typing them out, and with the note pad all contained in one place on the desk, the user will not have to remember them anyway because they will be within easy reach. All of these promotional notepads can be printed with your corporate design and given away at exhibitions, events, or to employees. Everyone will appreciate these practical, promotional products.


These note pad cases are excellent stand alone promotional products, but they would also go equally as well in gift bags, these could contain similar personalised items such as promotional piggy banks, pens, pencils, pen holders, USB drives, and promotional notebooks just to name a few. These will be practical, well used stationary sets that will be very appreciated by the recipients. We have standard note boxes in this category, as well as styles that have inbuilt penholders, keeping all necessary writing tools on one place. There is also a desk organiser box, which holds a stack of notepapers, and pockets to hold sticky notes, pens and rulers. This is the ultimate in compact organisation and your clients will thank you for helping them to keep their desk in order.


The act of writing things down does not only help us to remember them, it also gives us a break from staring at a computer screen all day long! When given to other people, hand written notes are always seen as more thoughtful and heartfelt that something typed. These note pads can be used to send promotional thank you notes to your business clients, work colleagues and customers, to show your business as caring with a great attention to detail. These promotional notepad containers make excellent marketing products because of their practicality; there isn’t one person who wouldn’t benefit from having notepaper on their desk. These notepapers can be printed with your logo, to ensure your company leaves a good impression with your target group. At trade fairs and conferences these promotional products are appreciated giveaway items that can be used on any target demographic. We recommend giving these away with other promotional items to make your company stand out even more. These could be storage or stationary themed, and will make sure that your logo is present on several desk items at once, increasing the amount of brand impressions made.


Note pads boxes are endlessly useful, which means these promotional products can be distributed to all demographics, broadening your advertising reach. As well as choosing the style of notepaper, you can also choose to have the box white or transparent, and you’re your corporate design printed on the box as well as each individual sheet. allbranded is a competent and specialised online shop in promotional products, trust us to print these marketing tools and watch your business expand.

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