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Prodir have been leading the way for pens manufacturers since the 70's. With experience of over half a century and specialisation in ballpoint pens, Prodir are the ideal choice for high-quality promotional products. Prodir product their outstanding pens in Switzerland, they focus on dynamic design, high quality and elegance in simplicity, all this alongside your company logo printed on the side, will ensure your brands awareness is spread far and wide. The secret of Prodir? Elaborate technologies mixed with modern design, all while keeping the environment in mind. Switzerland has always been strict on producing sustainable product, so Prodir was ahead of the game a long time before sustainability became important to the masses. The branded pens from Prodir are innovative in design and their commitment to the environment, and can help you strengthen the force of your advertising campaign.


Although the ballpoint pen is an everyday item, this also means that it will be regularly used and therefore people will be exposed to your branding daily, at home, on the go and in the office. Prodir is one of the leading companies when it comes to innovation and is easily distinguishable in terms of their quality. In every step of production, these pens are being subjected to strict quality control checks, with these promotional Prodir pens you and your company can leave a positive and lasting impression on clients, co-workers and business partners. Your Prodir's promotional pen can be personalised to match your corporate design and through this, give your branded pen a unique and personalised look. Various pen designs, a huge selection of colours and different techniques of branding, such as engraving logos or printing slogans, enabling you to tailor these products to suit your corporate design. Choosing Prodir's ballpoint pens means choosing a company renown for the highest standard of production and design.


  • Created with innovative technology, this sleek, simple and durable design is made to last
  • Pens are high use items, meaning your logo or slogan will be viewed countless times over the pens long life cycle
  • Many ways to customise with designs, colours and logo options


Usefulness is an essential requirement when it comes to the advertising success of your promotional pens & pencils. This is why it is recommended to advertise with products that are practical and will be used everyday to maximise your marketing potential. Choosing the Prodir pen will demonstrate your good taste because they are manufactured by an award-winning brand, their well known prestige and trusted quality will reflect positively on your brands reputation as well. This process of brand transfer will definitely strengthen the positive perception of your business.


The recipient will use the promotional Prodir pen long after they have first received it, as it is a brand name pen. Prodir are the first manufacturer of its kind to offer ballpoint pens with exchangeable refills, making it simple and easy for your customers and business clients to keep using their branded pens for many years. Investing in personalised Prodir pens are an excellent investment to ensure a long lasting marketing campaign with very little effort.

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